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Embed Video in GmailEmbed Video in GmailEmbed Video in Gmail

Embed Video in Gmail

Send Videos in Gmail

Text emails go unread in your prospect’s Gmail inbox. Catch attention of prospects with video email, sent right from your Gmail inbox. Video email not only stand out, but also are quick. easy, and engaging. Gmail Video email are embedded as a link without an attachment making the email experience super-smooth.

Embed Video in GmailEmbed Video in GmailEmbed Video in Gmail


Send Videos in Outlook

Video emails can now be easily sent using Outlook. Your prospects are busier than ever and do not have the time to read text emails. Record Videos, send and track video emails in Outlook to get noticed. Stand out from the crowd with videos and witness your response rates going 3x now.

Video Email CampaignVideo Email Campaign
Video Email CampaignVideo Email CampaignVideo Email Campaign
Video Email Campaign

Video Email Campaign

Personalize Video Email at Scale

Create video email templates by inserting video from the Hippo Video library. Send out a single video email to multiple prospects by personalizing it with their name, email id, company name etc.

Video Email CampaignVideo Email CampaignVideo Email Campaign
Video Email Campaign


Video Email in Your CRM tools

Video email is at your fingertips now inside your favorite tools. Be it your CRM or Email Marketing or Outreach tool. You can directly send a video email and track your videos easily. Hippo Video is integrated with all popular sales & marketing platforms ranging from LinkedIn to Salesforce, Hubspot to Zoom, Slack. Catch the attention of your prospects or customers with video email marketing now.

Video Integrations for EmailVideo Integrations for EmailVideo Integrations for Email

Video Email Tracking

Qualify with Video Email Analytics

With Hippo Video’s real-time video email analytics data on video views and watch percentage, qualify your leads better and move them through the funnel faster. Video Email made smarter with analytics.

7-day Free Trial. No credit card required.
7-day Free Trial. No credit card required.


Embedding a video directly is neither allowed nor advisable in an email. There are two main reasons why it is not such a good idea. Embedding video in the email increases the size of your email, and rendering them in your mobile or other devices can be really tough and bandwidth-consuming for your prospects.

Major email clients, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, don’t support embedded videos that play right there in the email due to security reasons and compatible reasons. Before the advent of HTML 5, web browsers did not have a uniform standard for defining embedded media files like video. However, very few email clients support HTML 5 and allow this behavior. The risk here is that even if your mail client supports embedded videos, there is a very good possibility that people you are sending this video to will be using a client that doesn’t allow this behavior.

Fortunately, there are some creative workarounds that Hippo Video offers to solve this problem. You can embed an animated GIF of your video (a 5-10 sec gif taken out from scenes of video) with a “click here to watch” CTA, or you can have a static image thumbnail with Play option, which will redirect to the video when clicked.

7-day free trial. No credit card required

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